Tap ShowStars
Tap ShowStars

Tap ShowStars


👞👞Tap ShowStars beginning the week of 8/17!

Wednesday at 5-5:45pm

Saturday at 12-12:45pm

👞👞Tap ShowStars, ages 6-10:  This class is perfect for the dancer who has taken at least year or more of consistent dance.  Students continue to master the Al Gilbert Grade 2 tap program. Tap shoes and taking both sessions is recommended (not required).

📲Students enrolled in Session A will get priority sign up for Session B.  We will end Session B with our 5th annual Holiday Performance n’ Picnic on Dec. 12!

📲Sign up today!: 8countdancestudio.com

🤑Payments will be processed on 8/14 beginning at noon!

👀Check out our online store with suggested items for each class. Shop 24/7:  shopnimbly.com/8countdance

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