Update about Parade

Hello 8*Count Dance Families!!

In the best interest of our students, we have decided not to be in the parade or perform. We don’t see the rain letting up and it will be miserable for the kids and plus the stage is not covered for performing. Keeping everyone healthy is more important. 

Those students who worked hard learning the parade dance, we will be adding it to our show next weekend, for both the 9:30am & 11am. 

Parade and Holiday Picnic N’ Performance

1) We are in our final 2 weeks of the Fall Session.

2) Queen Creek Parade on Dec. 3rd at 3:30pm (read attachment for more details). All families are welcome to walk along with us. 

Attachment: PARADE 2022 INFORMATION.docx (877.0kB)

3) Students that signed up to learn the dance for the parade, you have practice this Friday, December 2nd from 4:30-6:30pm. They will be dancing around the building, dress accordingly. 

4) Classes in the Town Event (read attachment for details)

Attachment: TOWN EVENT 2022 updated.docx (34.9kB)

5) Holiday Picnic N’ Performance (read attachment for your site for more details.)

Attachment: HPNP EVENT 2022 FOR LS UPDATED.pdf (75.2kB)

Attachment: HPNP EVENT 2022 for QC SITE UPDATED.pdf (102.7kB)

6) Classes open to the public online on December 1st. If you have respond to the last remember email. I will be adding your student to the classes you requested, you will get a reply back once I do it.

I think I got everything. I know the last 2 weeks will be crazy so please refer back to this email. Also please ask questions even if you think it is a silly one. In my eyes, there is no silly question!!!

Also for Queen Creek Site, I will need some parents to help with set up and take down with our Holiday show. I will need people there about 7am. My one son had surgery on his shoulder so he is no help, other son is working….so it is really my husband & I setting up & taking down.

Good Luck Ads and Pictures

*GOOD LUCK ADS: Are due April 29, 2022. Each  ad is $5 per 15 words. You can turn your message into your teacher this week or reply to this email. Payment in cash or Venmo (@Andrea-Polyak).

Good Luck Message Flyer: 
Attachment: GOOD LUCK MESSAGE 2022 .docx (694.7kB)

*PICTURES: Queen Creek Site is the week of May 2-5th and Las Sendas Site May 11th.This is all during your student’s class time. Even if you don’t plan to have picture done still come in costume for group picture. ALL PICTURE ORDERS are due April 29, 2022. Payment in cash, check (Anna Compton), Venmo (@abphotoj). Please have your photo order handled before the day of picture as this helps picture run quicker.

Photo Flyer:
Attachment: Recital Photo Package Price List.pdf (164.1kB)

COSTUMES: Kids have been asking about the costumes. Yes they have been order and currently I only have about 50% of the classes. The last ship date I have for costumes are April 29. I have costumes that read they should have shipped out on April 15th. I have put a call in and no response (I had to leave a message) I have seen they have not shipped yet when I log in. Otherwise, the rest will start going home this week.

ORDERING YOUR RECITAL DVD: You don’t want to miss out on these memories!!! The video can be shipped to your house or you can choose to pick up at the studio. Follow the link: https://www.pkwmediahd.com/product-page/8-count-dance-2022

*RECITAL TICKETS: After May 6th, is when pre-sale tickets are over. Which mean May 7th, ticket prices will go up. You can also still purchase your flowers, recital shirts and bears at TutuTix too. Here is the link, https://buy.tututix.com/8CountDanceAZ



Attachment: SUMMER 2022.pdf (218.1kB)

Attachment: LAS SENDAS 2022 SUMMER .docx (57.1kB)

Tickets for Recital are on Sale Now!

8*Count Dance Holiday Shirts Are Here!!!

Shirts were picked up yesterday and Ms. Andrea will have them at the parade for those walking or dancing at the Annex after.

If you are walking in the parade you can pick up your shirts before the parade starts. We will be meeting at Serrano’s. Look for a 8*Count Dance staff member. Find Ms. Andrea to pick up your shirt.

If you are dancing at 5pm but not walking you can pick up shirts from Ms. Andrea at the Annex.

They are not giving out stage numbers until check-in. Ms. Andrea will be there at 1pm to start the check-in process. When we finish the parade you can pick your student up at the Annex (the building we have dance in.)

We will start staging for the parade at 2:45pm. Parade starts at 3:30pm. Classes that are performing after the parade, our time is 5pm. Be at the Annex by 4:30-4:40pm.

Please read the attachment below for more details.


Ellsworth Rd will be closed at 10am today!! If you plan to be in the Parade & the Performance, I would suggest dropping your car off at the Annex to park it that Friday night or early Saturday. I do know you will not be allowed to park in the Serrano’s. Unless you are a paying customer, they will not allow you to park there. 

Classes are now open online to register for Spring 2022!!

Las Sendas Site Class Schedule

Queen Creek Site Class Schedule

Information for the Queen Creek Holiday Parade 2021

We currently do not have our staging number for the Parade. Staging starts at Serrano’s. We will start staging at 3pm. Parade starts at 3:30pm. Once I get the number I will email it out & post on our Social Media. Please keep my cell number handy for that day too.

All students are welcome to walk along the parade with 8*Count Dance.

Classes that are performing, our time is 5pm. Be to the Annex at 4:45pm.

Things to know!

Ellsworth Rd will be closed at 10am on Saturday. If you plan to be in the Parade & the Performance, I would suggest dropping your car off at the Annex to park it that Friday night or early Saturday. I do know you will not be allowed to park in the Serrano’s. Unless you are a paying customer, they will not allow you to park there. 

Shirts! The company I use have been super busy!!!! They are trying their best to get them done in time for Saturday. At this point plan on dressing in the theme of Holiday colors & sparkle!!!! 

All students from Queen Creek & Las Sendas are welcome to be in the Parade!

8*Count Dance 6th Annual Holiday Performance N’ Picnic Information and Lineup

Information and Lineup for Las Sendas 6th Annual Holiday Performance N’ Picnic

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