Queen Creek Spring Classes
Queen Creek Spring Classes

Queen Creek Spring Classes

dancers-clipartSpring Registration is OPEN!

* Nov. 7th for Queen Creek Residents!! 

**Nov. 14th for non-Residents!!

Spring classes begin the week of

January 17th thru the week of May 6th with a

Spring Recital at Williams Field HS Auditorium on May 10th!


Spring Classes:

8CD Tap Company – 7-9yrs old
Thursday’s 6-7pm (No Class 3/16)

8CD Tap Company – 10-14yrs old
Thursday’s 7-8pm (No Class 3/16)

Ballet - 5-8yrs old
Monday’s at 4-4:45pm (No Class 2/20), Tuesday’s at 5-5:45pm

Ballet - 9-13yrs old
Tuesday’s at 8-8:45pm
Hip Hop (ALL AGES) - 5-12yrs old
Wednesday’s at 5-5:45pm

HS Dance - 13-18yrs old
Monday’s AND Wednesday’s at 7-8:30pm
(No Class 2/20, 3/13 & 3/15)

Jr. Cheer - 9-13yrs old
Wednesday’s at 4-5pm (No Class 3/15)

Jr. Tumbling - 9-13yrs old
Thursday’s at 6-7pm, Thursday’s 7-8pm

Jump Rope for Beginners - 7-13yrs old
Monday’s at 4-4:45pm (No Class 2/20, & 3/13)

Jump Rope for Returners - 7-13yrs old
Monday’s at 5-5:45pm (No Class 2/20, & 3/13)

Kinder Tumblers - 4-6yrs old
Wednesday’s at 5-5:45pm, Thursday’s at 5-5:45pm

Mini Cheer – 5-8yrs old
Wednesday’s at 5-6pm (No Class on 3/15)

Mini Tumblers - 6-8yrs old
Wednesday’s at 6-6:45pm, Thursday’s at 4-4:45pm

Parent/Tot Twinkle Babies - 2-3yrs old
Monday’s at 9:15-9:45am (No Class 3/15)

Pre-K Twinkle Stars - 5-6yrs old
Monday’s at 10-10:45am (No Class 2/20), Tuesday’s at 11-11:45am, 
Thursday’s at 9:15-10am, Thursday’s at 4-4:45pm, Saturday’s at 11-11:45am 
(No Class 2/18)

Preschool Twinkle Stars - 3-4yrs old
Monday’s at 11-11:45am, Monday’s at 6-6:45pm (No Class 2/20), 
Tuesday’s at 10-10:45am, Tuesday’s at 4-4:45pm, Thursday’s at 11-11:45am 
& Saturday’s at 10-10:45am (No Class 2/18)

Ruby Dance Company - 7-9yrs old
Tuesday’s AND Thursday’s at 6-7pm
(No Class 3/14 & 3/16)

Ruby Dance Company - 10-14yrs old
Tuesday’s AND Thursday’s at 7-8pm
(No Class 3/14 & 3/16)
Tap/Jazz - 5-8yr olds
Thursday’s at 5-6pm

Twinkle Babies - 2-3yrs old
Monday’s at 5-5:30pm (No Class 2/20), Tuesday’s at 9:15-9:45am, 
Thursday’s at 10:15-10:45am & Saturday’s at 9:15-9:45am (No Class 2/18)