Information for the Queen Creek Holiday Parade 2021

We currently do not have our staging number for the Parade. Staging starts at Serrano’s. We will start staging at 3pm. Parade starts at 3:30pm. Once I get the number I will email it out & post on our Social Media. Please keep my cell number handy for that day too.

All students are welcome to walk along the parade with 8*Count Dance.

Classes that are performing, our time is 5pm. Be to the Annex at 4:45pm.

Things to know!

Ellsworth Rd will be closed at 10am on Saturday. If you plan to be in the Parade & the Performance, I would suggest dropping your car off at the Annex to park it that Friday night or early Saturday. I do know you will not be allowed to park in the Serrano’s. Unless you are a paying customer, they will not allow you to park there. 

Shirts! The company I use have been super busy!!!! They are trying their best to get them done in time for Saturday. At this point plan on dressing in the theme of Holiday colors & sparkle!!!! 

All students from Queen Creek & Las Sendas are welcome to be in the Parade!