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Our competition teams attend both adjudicated and non-adjudicated competitions. Adjudicated competitions award first based on a set point system and then compare those scores against all other routines in the same division/age/category (Overall Placement). Non-adjudicated competition follows a traditional 1st, 2nd, 3rd award system. Routines also have the opportunity to win judges awards, scholarships, and other specialty awards.

Groove Dance Competition:

Adjudication Awards: Elite Diamond, Diamond, Elite Sapphire, Sapphire; Category Winners are highest scoring routine in specific level/age/type/style; Overall Placement: (level/age/type) 1st-10th Place
Maley “When She Loved Me” (Novice Petite Solo Lyrical): Diamond Award + 1st in Category
Lizzy “Fabulous” (Novice Teen Solo Musical Theatre): Diamond Award + 1st in Category; Judges Award “Excellent Energy;” 1st Overall Novice Teen Solo
Tayln “Youth”  (Novice Teen Solo Lyrical): Diamond Award + 1st in Category
Macy “Red Football” (Intermediate Teen Solo Lyrical): Diamond Award
Lizzy & Ally “Flying Solo” (Novice Teen Duo/Trio Acro): Diamond Award + 1st in Category; Judges Award “Tremendous Teamwork;” 1st Overall Novice Teen Duo/Trio
Macy & Genet “Dem Beats” (Intermediate Senior Duo/Trio): Elite Sapphire + 2nd in Category 
Just Dance Invitational:
No Adjudication Awards, simple 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. placement
“His Name Was Dave” – Competitive Teen Large Group: 1st Place
“Jupiter Jazz” – Competitive Teen Large Group: 3rd Place
“Youth” (Tayln) – Competitive Teen Solo: 8th Place
“Flying Solo” (Lizzy & Ally) – Competitive Teen Duo/Trio: 2nd Place
“Red Football” (Macy) – Competitive Senior Solo: 10th Place
“Dem Beats” (Macy & Genet) – Competitive Senior Duo/Trio: 3rd Place
**Master Class Audition Scholarship: Lizzy**
“Good Morning” – Pre-Competitive Mini Small Group: 3rd Place
“Someone To You” (Lasia) – Pre-Competitive Junior Solo: 4th Place
“When She Loved Me” (Maley) – Pre-Competitive Junior Solo: 5th Place
Spotlight Dance Cup:
Adjudication Awards: Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire; Overall Placement: (level/age/type) Diamond (1st) Ruby (2nd) Emerald (3rd) Sapphire (4th) 5th-10th.
“His Name Was Dave” – Ruby; 1st Overall Novice Gems Teen Large Group
“Jupiter Jazz” – Ruby
“Happy Together” – Ruby
“Fabulous” (Lizzy) – Diamond; Judges Award “Broadway Bound;” 1st Overall Novice Gems Teen Solo
“Red Football” (Macy) – Ruby; 10th Overall Future Gems Senior Solo
“Wings” (Janelle) – Ruby
“Flying Solo” (Lizzy & Ally) – Diamond; 1st Overall Novice Gems Teen Duo/Trio
“When We’re Together” (Ari & Angelique) – Diamond
“Dem Beats” (Macy & Genet) – Ruby
“The Last Unicorn” – Ruby
“One Girl Revolution” (Carleigh) – Ruby
“Someone To You” (Lasia) – Ruby

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